September 12, 2011

I'm Thankful

Today, I am thankful.  I'm not happy, nor excited nor frustrated and definitely not sad.  I am simply thankful.  I had planned to write about some of my favorite makeup products or something trivial like that but right now I simply cannot.  I have been touched by some instances in my life lately that have made me want to do something more to help those less fortunate than me.

Tonight, I ran past a man walking down the side walk on Piedmont Rd carrying about 3 bags of heavy groceries in one hand.  In the other hand, he held his blind sensing stick.  His eyes were completely shut.  As I passed him, the public bus stopped and started yelling at him thinking he was waiting for the bus (he happened to be near the bus stop and since he was walking so slow the bus diver thought he may want to get on).  He didn't want to get on the bus but confusedly continued to walk, wondering who was yelling at him, and the bus seemed agitated that they slowed down for him.  I even saw the blind man, who seemed young-about 30, trip as he came very close to the cars speeding past him.  He was very slowly making his way down the incredibly loud and dangerous side walk in the heart of Buckhead Atlanta.  I cringed at the thought of his long journey but I kept running.  Fifteen minutes later, I passed that same block, now driving my car.  There he was...still inching along, clutching his groceries, eyes closed shut.

I am thankful.  I am thankful that, when I complain that I have to go to the grocery store, I have eyes and a car that can get me there.  I am thankful for so many more things that nearly bring me to tears at the thought of how blessed I am.  Tonight reminded me that this bubble I sometimes live in only shields me from hardships that, unfortunately, too many of our neighbors experience.  I plan to do something and I hope one day you'll be inspired to do something too.


  1. This makes me so sad for that man! Wow. An eye-opening experience (no pun intended!) about how blessed we are daily.

  2. i love that quote. we really are so blessed. thanks for the reminder...