July 31, 2011

Livin' for the weekends

Since this workin' girl was loving the weekend too much (hence my gap in posting), I wanted to recap my entire weekend in this post.  I consider success as a mixture of productivity (which includes crossing off my to-do list) and fun...and I'd say this weekend qualified as both of the above!

Friday night the boyfriend and I tried out a new restaurant, Buckhead Pizza Co.  It was pretty quiet when we got there (whoops, not until 9:30 pm) but the pizza was delish and the atmosphere was fun with a live, hits-playin' band.  Wait wait wait. Let me back track.  The reason we even ventured to this new joint was because of a little thing I like to call "deals."  Some people know it as "coupons."  My favorite deal-making site is Half Off Depot (almost synonymous to Groupon but I think it's got a better selection and way better..."deals!").  People, if you live in a big city, check. this. out.  You pay around 60% less for a gift card to the select companies, no exclusions.  Example, I paid $10 for a $25 gift card to this restaurant.  Bingo!

Buckhead Pizza Co. Yum yum!
I'm continuing the sprucing up of my apartment with some extra touches like my cute little plant.  Brainstorming a name for her....any thoughts?  The lady who sold her to me said "she purifies the air" but after further thinking about that, I decided that, don't ALL plants "purify the air?"
My new orchid!
Nameless plant.  Help?
On Saturday night, we branched out and went to Club Opera.  Talk about a fun/crazy time!  LMFAO played and we got really close.  I had to pinch myself to remind me I was in Atlanta, not Vegas.  They put on a great show...and that was even AFTER the opened for Kei$ha the same night.
This IS an actual picture.  It was taken when the fog machines at Club Opera sprayed.   Sorry, but when my sight is inhibited for a total of 5 seconds in the middle of hundreds of inebriated strangers, it freaks me out just a little.  Still--really cool.
LMFAO "party rockin in the club tonight."

View from the floor!
This weekend would have been perfection minus a small little detail called ANT ATTACK! Don't worry, the bug man is coming in the morning, shew!
Turns out, 409 works just as well as bug spray ;)

Speaking of attacks, who's watching Shark Week this week?  I usually have it on in the background but it doesn't really catch my attention for long periods of time.  Is that weird?  I get the hint EVERYONE but myself is extremely obsessed.

July 28, 2011

New Month's Resolution

For those of you who can't cook, maybe you'll find this as inspiration!
By the way-the topic of this blog post is a very sore spot in my life and the fact that I am admitting this on the internet (gasp!) is a huge step.
To some, cooking may be one of those activities that comes second nature..something you do to relax and when you have free time..or something that people love about you.  I would love to say that is me.  Instead, I stare jealously at all your recipes (oh goodness, and the blogosphere is full of them), desperately wishing I knew how to "coarsely chop a bellpepper" or just where in the world the parsley was in the grocery store.  Instead, I sulk to my freezer and pull out my frozen Smart Ones 3 cheese ziti (which if you haven't tried, you need to today. no excuses).  Well, last night I decided that enough is enough!  I don't want to be intimidated by the kitchen any longer!  I long to be a great housewife someday and being able to cook a meal once a week I feel is a necessity in a 20 something's life.  Plus, it's not like I have kids right now..or even a dog..or homework.

I searched online for recipes and found one that looked yummy and easy enough.  Now off to the grocery store.  Or, as I like to think of it, finding needles in a haystack.  I called my mom to tell her to be on standby in case I had questions.  It's that bad.  It's foreign language to me.  EXACTLY why I forced myself to do it--it's about time I conquer my fears.  I think shopping for your recipe ingredients is like being pushed into a swimming pool and learning how to swim right then and there.  Anyways, so I'm at the grocery store...meticulously checking my list I had written.  Let's just say that the man in the seafood section could definitely tell this was my first rodeo.  Sure, I've looked for fruits, salad ingredients, pasta, etc...but where in the world were these SPECIFIC spices or...how about this one "Chili Sauce?"  Good thing mom had followed directions and was on "standby."  She informed me that chili sauce is "hot sauce."  There's that foreign language I was telling you about.

Finally, after 30 minutes of searching, I had found my 6 ingredients and was outta there!  At home, it took me 45 minutes to prepare a meal that said "25 minutes preparation."  I didn't care, I was still proud and my baby turned out delicious! Check it out:

Minestrone Tortellini.
Boyfriend even asked to take leftovers to work.  Now...what am I going to cook NEXT week?  This cookin' thing ain't so bad, I promise!  I think the main inhibition I have about the whole thing is actually planning it out.  Picking out a recipe-->making a list-->shopping for the ingredients.  It scares [scared] me!  That's a whole bunch of steps and if you don't plan BEFORE you're even hungry, well, let's just say you can keep eating those Smart Ones (which I'm not completely opposed to sometimes!)

I never did a New Year's Resolution so I think I'm going to start a "new month" resolution.  Every time a new month begins to roll around, I'm going to identify a part of my life I'd like to improve or enjoy more.  What is your new month's resolution?

July 27, 2011

I'm a romantic

One of my favorite things in life is giving presents.  If I could be a professional present-giver, I would be the richest woman on earth!  I love the entire process: the search, the bargain hunting, the cute ideas, the wrapping, adding the card and the execution.  In exactly 11 days, it will be my 1 year anniversary with my great bf, Justin.  What to get, what to get?  Obviously we'll do the whole dinner date thing and spend lots of special time together so I'm looking for something tangible, more creative than expensive.  But also something useful, not clutter that will just be a "sit on the shelf" knick-knack.  He will be moving 4 hours away very soon (touchy subject) so that could warrant some fun ideas.

 In honor of my upcoming anniversary, I wanted to post some fun (creative) gift ideas for an anniversary:

Long distance pillow cases from BoldLoft.  Okay, these are just too cute.

A bean that says "I love you" when it sprouts! (What will they think of next?)  I would definitely have to put this in a more masculine pot.Via ThinkGeek

Homemade corn hole set with our alumni colors and Clemson paw stitched bean bags.  May have to call in daddy to get this one done.  

Decorative and reusable basket of homemade chocolate chip cookies, that's a given!

Custom bottle of wine (see above customized labels-more to choose from) to enjoy together and then keep to remember via Custom Wine Source.

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Shew, it's finally here - Wednesday - to mark the middle of the week and boy could I not be happier!  With a full-time job, I now know how it feels to purely 'live for the weekends' but there are some great things I enjoy no matter what day it is.  I am going to continue my journey of getting into this blogging thing by linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday.  I think this is a fabulous way to remind ourselves of how much the little things really do make a difference and, especially, to share with others what I like to maybe bring some joy to you all!

I'm loving...blogging.  Although I only have 1 follower (amazing bff Eclectically E) I'm just getting started in this new blogosphere and love reading everyone's posts.  I'm anxious to start interacting with everyone and I can see a lot of joy coming from sharing via blogs on the horizon (once I get all settled in my new apt) so get ready! :)

I'm loving...pier 1 imports.  Now, usually I don't shop too much at Pier 1 because I find their prices a little high and their selections to never be what I am looking for.  That ever happen to you there?  HOWEVER, this week I am absolutely loving them thanks to this coupon.  $10 off your purchase of $10.  People, that means a free $10 purchase!  It expires today so hurry yourself over to Pier 1.  I bought a "crisp bamboo candle" (their fragrance of the month) for $5.  Now that's something to love.

I'm loving...penne a la betsy.  Turns out my roommate is an amazing cook.  Lucky me, eh?  She tried out this new pasta recipe from Pioneer Woman this week and it was scrumptious to say the least.  I probably ate my weight!  I am all about food that has 1) carbs 2) onions/garlic 3) chicken/shrimp...and this meal offers all three!  Do yourself a favor and try it out.  May just be your next "go to."  I have a feeling it will be mine.

I'm loving...my baby brothers Meet Tanner (6) and Reese (5), the loves of my life.  It's almost like I can feel the distance, now that I'm 4 hours away from my family instead of 2.  It makes me so appreciative for the love of these two little Guatemalans that I am blessed enough to call my brothers.  I cannot imagine two little boys bringing someone more happiness then these two bring me.  They are absolute hilarious hoodlums with the most selfless hearts.  More to come on these two in the future...I could write a novel on them!

Dad with Tanner & Reese on Father's Day
Vacation in California at Hearst Castle.

I'm loving...tickets to the braves.  My awesome old boss got Justin (my bf) and I tickets to one of the last home Braves game this summer with a pass to the 'exclusive' 755 club. 

Justin and I at our first Braves game this summer!

July 26, 2011


Baby Bob.
This post is dedicated to a special friendly fellow, my boyfriend's roommate's "cat," Bob.  (If it was up to me, he would not be named Bob.  Maybe something like Bengie but his name is starting to grow on me.)

I'm not a cat person.  Never have been, and never thought I would be.  That is until I met "Bob" -a bengal cat.  Bengal cats are no ordinary cat, and if you're thinking about investing in one, think twice.  They run at about a grand each!

Their personalities are almost worth that entire grand!  They are incredibly different from domestic cats. (What?!  Yeah, I know...I didn't believe it either).  You're probably wondering what in the world they are and how they differ from a normal, domestic cat. Well..

....according to Wikipedia: "The Bengal Cat is a relatively new hybrid breed of cat, formed by the cross of a domestic feline and an Asian Leopard Cat. The Bengal cat has a desirable "wild" appearance with a gentle domestic cat temperament."

Bob is more dog-like than cat-like. He is loyal and wants nothing more but to greet you at the door and hang out with you when you get home (sigh..). The pictures say it all:
How cute is he?? His head looks small but don't let him fool you.
He is a huge, lovable, tiger-striped cat!

Apparently Bob wants to come see us!

July 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

This is the second weekend that I'm in Atlanta and I couldn't be happier with my new digs!  (Shew, am I glad apartment hunting is over.)  In honor of my new place, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things that make me smile when I come home.

The lamp(s).  I have two because I couldn't just buy one.  Could you?  Check out the detail in the fabric on the lampshade.  Too sheek.  I loved these so much in fact that, before I moved into my apartment, I made my boyfriend display them - lightbulbless - in his house so I could look at them each morning and night.  That's love.

Window-In-Closet.  Helloooo.  This is something that will keep an apartment owner happy.  And nope, no one can even see in. Thinking about a small curtain.  Right now it's my shot glass collection.  Thoughts?


Curtains.  A fun, yet sophisticated look.  They're not my black out curtains but I guess I can't be sleeping after 10 a.m. now anyways!

My entry-way arch.  A little originality, eh?  This arch does magic for the place.

Disclaimer: I know things can't make you happy, it's the people that count in life! 
But it sure is the icing on the cake!

July 22, 2011

A new "fresh."

Here I am!  I'm officially turning a page in my blogging life and starting fresh.  Not freshly pressed (like my old wordpress blog), but officially-a-blogspot.com-member, fresh.  I'm so excited to start my new online archive of what I like, don't like, what I see, what I do and everything in between.

I've been blogging off and on for my PR classes at Clemson since 2008 but I've just had so many changes like graduating from college, starting a full-time job and moving to Atlanta, so I think there's no better time to build a more personal, and not so academically-oriented blog!  To see my thoughts on PR, media strategies and some personal posts from my college days, you can see my old blog (Quotes to Learn By) for blogs that date wayyyy back over 3 years ago.  Gosh, I can hardly remember those days.

Which brings me to why I even decided to make this blog-change in the first place.  Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Eclectically E.  Also known as my college freshman roomie, best friend, co-blogger and current neighbor.  That's right, we moved to Atlanta and are ready to take on the city together...while blogging about it.  Our dream come true.  Now, before I go any further let me explain a thing or two about myself (and Eclectically E): We get excited about the teeniest things.  So, needless to say: a beautiful city and a fun blog to capture it all--that's a perfect combo in the making!

So thank you Eclectically E and hello new blogger community!  I can't wait to start writing.
Eclectically E & I graduating.  GO TIGERS!