September 11, 2011

Orange & Purple is back!

I went to Clemson this weekend and had a blast!  My boyfriend and I split ways and went to different football games.  So here's the deal: he went to Clemson but somehow still has a soft spot for University of South Carolina, which is located in Columbia where we are both from (also known as the intense rival of Clemson).  So Justin went to the USC/UGA game while I-of course, no questions asked- went to Clemson to have a girly girl weekend!  

As you can tell, we take this rivalry pretty serious.  Circa 1966
A great start to my week, spending time with amazing friends, great food and beautiful scenary!  We had our own tailgate, just us 6 girls and then probably walked a total of 7.62 miles to make pit stops at other tailgates.  Two of my best friends date players still on the team so we always go on the field after the game and hang out/say hey!

BY THE WAY: Did anyone watch the first season of CMT's Sweet Home Alabama?  Personally, I thought it was pretty lame.  The girl, Devin, who picks her guy, is a mere 22 or so years old and it seems a bit unprofessional...not even comparable to the Bachelorette!  Anyways, my bf's friend, Tribble Reese, was one of the guys she was chosing from.  What do you know, he was the runner-up to "win her love" and then he was picked to be the next one to have his own "Sweet Home Alabama" show.  Sound familiar?  Just like....BEN F!  Anyways, Tribble went to Clemson and played QB (never actually played though) so that's why CMT was taping him walk through all of the fans during "Tiger Walk" with his girls on his arms before the game.  I'm pretty excited to see Clemson's feature on CMT during the next season.  Maybe I'll be on it :)

I really had a great weekend but I have been going through a certain phase lately that makes me feel so guilty for all of the good times and things I have, especially on a day like today when we remember thousands of families whose worlds were rocked 10 years ago.
I am so proud of the work that is being done on Ground Zero.
1) The concrete pool memorials

2) The "One World Trade Center"

These two things at this location is to remember and pay respect to everyone who was killed during the 9/11 attacks and the other, the tallest building in America, to serve as a notice that America will recover even stronger than before!  I went to Ground Zero several years ago but it just looked like a bunch of construction so I cannot wait to visit when it's finally finished.  

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